SCUTA Add-ons

Many of our users wanted some additional functionality, features that may not be of interest to the majority of SCUTA users. That’s why we have created SCUTA Add-ons.

Since you will need to have an active SCUTA license in order to use an add-on, you can only buy add-ons from withing the SCUTA app. To buy an Addon you will need to go to your Profile and select the Buy/Renew tab. From there you may use a credit card or a Purchase Order. SD users must ask their managers to purchase the add-ons for them.

Calendar Integration

Effortlessly integrate SCUTA with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar

Do you have the need to bring into SCUTA department meetings that are scheduled using Outlook of Google Calendar? We have the add-on for you.

  • Import events from Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar
  • Export SCUTA events to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar
  • Exported SCUTA events reside on their own internal calendar
  • Autosynch on login
  • Synchronize any time you want right from the SCUTA Calendar
  • Imported events show are identifiable by their Google or Outlook icon

Appointment Scheduling

Online Appointment scheduling

We have created the an online appointment scheduler custom tailored to your school counseling need, accessible from any device with a browser 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Feature include:

  • Specify earliest and latest appointment
  • Average appointment duration
  • Enable/disable same day appointments
  • Restrict appointments to users from your school
  • Custom Greeting and Thank you message
  • Complete integration with your SCUTA calendar
  • Only shows your available times
  • Completely documents the requester’s need, topic and priority
  • Upon your approval, requester is emailed a calendar event with a reminder
  • Maximum confidentiality, no need to involve a third person
  • Maximum efficiency, effortless documentation