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Implementing the ASCA National Model?
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School counselor directors/coordinators are tasked with developing and implementing comprehensive school counseling program benefiting all students. More time is spent dealing with data and calculations than is spent on analysis and evaluation of school counseling programs.

SCUTA SD eliminates all these issues. Using well defined ASCA service delivery domains and over 200 well documented topics to accurately classify each school counselor’s activities. Real-time reporting, no need to collect, collate or calculate anything, means more time for insightful analysis.

Use SCUTA SD at the office, from school, home or anywhere you have internet access, on anything that supports a browser!

The insight tool of choice!
See the whole School District.

We simplify the complex. Using our intuitive web application you can easily:

  • Monitor ASCA National Model compliance at a school district, school or school counselor level
  • Review school district statistics
  • Review individual school statistics
  • Review individual school counselor statistics
  • Ability to focus on insightful analysis
  • Use data to advocate for student needs

Professionally made for school counselor directors/coordinators!

We designed an interface that is clear and intuitive. We focused on features that school counselor directors/coordinators need, gave them one click results and the ability to drill down into the details. You specify the time period  and focus : All school counselors or an individual school counselor.
SCUTA SD shares the same platform as SCUTA Pro. Access to school counselor statistics is immediate, allows for school district, school and school counselor analysis.  School counselor private notes can not be accesses or reviewed.


Powerful reports… Actionable information!

SCUTA SD’s Topic Analysis report uses a Pareto Analysis (80/20 rule) to give school counselor directors meaningful time allocation analysis.
SCUTA uses over 200 topics based on the ASCA service delivery domains providing detailed insight into the scope and focus of a counseling program. Color coding is used to easily identify topics in the top 50 and 75 percentile of time allocation. Each ASCA service delivery domain /category & topic documented using:

  • % time allocated
  • hours used
  • frequency

Look at the whole school district or review
an individual school counselor.

You specify the are of focus. Your data is always the latest. no need to collect, collate or worry. You can specify that a report uses all school counselor data or an individual school counselor. You can also specify the time period of interest.

Your report will instantly be available for your review. This flexibility and speed is critical for researching “what-if” scenarios.

SCUTA-SD-Use Of Time Analysis Individual

What’s next?

We are so confident you will love SCUTA SD, we offer a money back guarantee!