New SCUTA MAX Tutorial

In this tutorial we cover:

  • New Interface
  • Adding Events / Documenting your time
  • Add Repeating Events with Students/Groups
  • Curriculum & Lessons
  • Reports and Analysis

Login to SCUTA for the 1st time.

In this video we show you what settings you should customize and why.

  • Customizing USer Profile
  • Setting School Zip Code and selecting school
  • Specifying your Calendar settings

SCUTA Calendar and documenting Events.

In this video we highlight some of SCUTA’s great calendar features including

  • Following ASCA National Model recommendations
  • Specifying event date start, end times
  • Highlighting some of the 7 ASCA Categories
  • Using the intelligent input panel
  • Utilizing repeat events to simplify your documentation
  • Specifying Focus, Referrals, MindSets and Domains
  • Lessons, Baseline / Pretest, Results / Post Test
  • Students or Groups

Documenting and reviewing Student and Group interactions.

In this video we show how SCUTA can illustrate all students interactions, regardless if they occur with in an individual or group setting.

  • How to document student and group interactions
  • How to illustrate individual student interactions
  • How to illustrate group interactions
  • How to include any student interaction

SCUTA Lessons.

In this video we highlight some of SCUTA’s great lesson features including

  • Creating lessons
  • Sharing within your school District or will All SCUTA users
  • Specifying ASCA and  state standards, Mindsets, Behaviors and domains
  • Process data, Perception data and Outcome data
  • Rating shared lessons
  • Using lessons in events
  • Reviewing and analyzing lessons in reports