The tool of choice
for implementing the
ASCA National Model

Implementing the ASCA National Model? Looking at RAMP?

When it comes to implementing the ASCA National Model, getting started is the hardest part. We want to follow best business practices, make sure we are focused on the right things, accumulate accurate data, review and analyze it and be able to present it in a clear and understandable way.

When thinking about all the details, ASCA National Model guidelines, classifications, ASCA service delivery domain, topics, documentation, notes, calculations statistics, etc. one can get overwhelmed…

Best Tool for Time Analysis

We simplify the complex. Using our intuitive web application you can easily:

  • Follow the ASCA National Model  directives
  • Maintain private student and activities logs
  • Classify work into service delivery domains and topics
  • Perform insightful analysis and use of time assessment
  • Use data to advocate for student needs
  • Use data to advocate for school counselor needs
  • Use data to advocate for school needs

Professionally made for school counselors!

We designed an interface that takes into consideration the wants, needs and hectic lifestyle of a school counselor. Quickly document your calendar events, drag, drop or move events. Edit events with a single click. See your statistics in real time as you enter them. You are never more than three click away from over 200 powerful reports.

Access SCUTA from school, home or anywhere you have internet access and on anything that supports a browser!

SCUTA Calendar
SCUTA Data Entry

Classification. Apples and Oranges?
Student and group services.

One of the difficulties in collecting accurate data is consistent classification of events into the appropriate ASCA service delivery domain. We can not emphasis enough the importance of starting with accurate and well classified data. Working with hundreds of school counselors we defined and continue to add over 200 unique topics, each belonging to a unique ASCA service delivery domain. Our glossary includes a description for each topics.

Each event may also associated with student(s) or groups that were included.  This enables detailed student service reporting and analysis.

Data driven analysis.
Statistics and Calculations.

School counselors and directors tell us that the biggest problems they face in following the ASCA National Model, is making sure they have good data and accurate calculations.
SCUTA solves both problem. School counselors and directors can now focus on analyzing their data, improving their performance and on attaining their school’s goals.
SCUTA assigns a color to each of the ASCA ‘s service delivery domain or categories. Clear color coded analysis conveys your story to principals, teachers, parents and school boards.

With a panoply of detailed data driven analysis reports school counselors can now confidently illustrate the nature of their work and their school needs with supervisors and stakeholders.

SCUTA Activity Log

SCUTA Reports. Activity Log.

In SCUTA reports can be time based or summary. Time based reports have a starting and an ending date. Summary reports include all data available.
SCUTA’s Activity Report lists all school counselor activities for the specified time range.

  • date, time, duration
  • description
  • ASCA service delivery domain /category & topic
  • students and groups involved
  • school counselor notes

More reports…
Actually there are over 200 unique reports!

SCUTA’s Topic Delivery report allow the school counselor to drill down into the details of their time allocation by individual topic. Each event is categorized by a ASCA service delivery domain or Category and a topic. SCUTA has over 200 unique topics.
So for example, if a school counselor wanted to review the work they had done in Bully prevention all they would need to do is select “Responsive Services Bully Prevention” from the drop down. With one click of the mouse they will be able to review all the associated events including :

  • date, time, duration
  • description
  • ASCA service delivery domain /category & topic
  • students and groups involved
  • school counselor notes
SCUTA Student Services Log

Student Service Log.
All student interaction documented in one spot.

A parent, a teacher or the principal ask you about a student. No more looking through files. folders or stacks of paper. All your interactions with a student are well documented and available instantly.
Our student services Log, documents every student event and includes:

  • date, time, duration
  • description
  • ASCA service delivery domain /category & topic
  • school counselor notes

Pareto Analysis (80/20 rule).
Insightful Statistics.

Pareto Analysis, is a statistical technique that identifies the most significant items in an analysis. A major component of the ASCA National Model and RAMP is making sure that school counselors allocate their time appropriately. In this report we review all topics, the time a school counselor allocates to each topic, the frequency and their percent distribution . Topics are then listed in descending significance and color coded to indicate 50 and 75 percentiles.

What it boils down to is that we show school counselors real data regarding their time allocation. This is pivotal in achieving compliance with the ASCA National Model.

SCUTA Topic Statistics

Looking forward to going home and entering data into SCUTA.... which is crazy because it has always been my least favorite task.

Houston Middle School

With nearly 900 students being served by 1 counselor, I use SCUTA for documentation and assuring that I am meeting the goals of the ASCA model.

Madison County Schools, Mississippi

With SCUTA I can track task times and help advocate for more counselor-oriented responsibilities

Dorchester Two, South Carolina

SCUTA's success has empowered us to prepare for RAMP!

School District 25, Idaho

SCUTA helped be create a counseling program from scratch at an International school.


I use SCUTA to align my program better with the ASCA National Model.

North Carolina

SCUTA shows Administrators, the Superintendent, and the School Board Members how School Counselors are making a difference in our school.

Jones County School District, Mississippi

SCUTA helped me to turn the data that I know I have into data that my administration can understand!

New York

SCUTA helps me advocate for my students as I have an accurate representation of my time allowed with students. This is such a wonderful, valuable resource!!


Helps me manage the student population of approximately 1,000 students.

Shelby County Schools, Tennessee

Prove counseling program benefits to student body and electronically track students better.

Oklahoma City Public Schools

Working towards RAMP certification. SCUTA is the best way to track our interventions, and track our time.

Knox County Schools, Tennessee