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SCUTA SD – School District

SCUTA SD simplifies school counseling reporting and provides real-time statistics throughout the school district. SCUTA SD accesses school counselor’s use of time statistics, Category and Task frequencies and duration.

Mangers can easily and in real-time see if their school district as a whole and school counselors individually adhere to recommendations of the ASCA National Model. No longer will every school counselor have to complete use of time reports. Managers will not have to try and coordinate multiple documents, spreadsheets and email.

How do I order?

There are 3 simple steps:

  1. Request a Quote (on this page)
  2. Buy online
  3. Complete order completion form

How do I deploy it?

We do everything with you. Simply tell us:

  • how many school counselors
  • school counselor emails
  • when to notify them

By providing us with school counselor count, email address and when you want us to notify them, we take the whole task upon ourselves. That’s it!