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Software Update

By November 19, 2014Software Update
Software Update

First, we would like to thank you all for your great emails, kind words of encouragement, suggestions and recommendations. Although we may not be able to implement every one of your recommendations we do add many of them to our prioritized development plan. Today, based on your requests,  we have added the following to our extensive list of topics:

Category : Referrals/Consultation/Collaboration
New Topics:

  • Meeting | Child Study Team
  • Meeting | Data
  • Collaboration | Agency
  • Collaboration | Colleagues
  • Collaboration | Core Team Member
  • Collaboration | School
  • Collaboration | Support Staff
  • Collaboration | Teacher
  • Referral | School Support Service

Category : Non-School Counseling Task
New Topic :

  •  504s | Facilitate and/or Write

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