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Welcome to CounselorApp.com and SCUTA.

ASCA National Model

Welcome to CounselorApp.com. Our goal is to provide school counselors with tools that will help them complete their important work faster and more accurately every day.

What do school counselors do and how do that does their work affect their students? ASCA, the the American School Counselor Association has spent years researching best  practices and implementations.

Their goal is to help school counselors do more school counseling and minimize non school counseling tasks. ASCA created a framework  focused on four quadrants : accountability, delivery system, foundation and management system.

School Counselor Use of Time Analysis

The objectives of the ASCA National Model  are to provide simple tools that will enable school counselors to  improve the effectiveness of School Counseling.

We developed SCUTA as a tool that would enable school counselors to easily document the services they provide and the time these take. In addition we added student case notes and documentation. By centralizing key functionality in a secure and confidential way we eliminated the need for counselors having to reference multiple resources to achieve a single task. Additionally, SCUTA diminishes the need for double documentation.

By providing automated reporting and analysis we keep key pieces of information at the counselor’s finger tips. Our use of time analysis of the Delivery System provides accumulated Direct, Indirect and Non-School Counselor data. Your use-of-time assessment will identify key areas in time allocation where changes may be necessary.

Our goal is to provide school counselors and their school districts with simple, clear tools that would allow them to follow ASCA’s National Model easily and accurately.

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